I need some tips

Hello, I’m a python programmer. Recently I had the opportunity to start to work on my own. A friends of mine asked me for a favor, they work with 3DS doing some kind of 3d representations of buildings (before they are built) (I’m not an English speaker, I don’t know how to say it correctly, sorry). They asked me to make the programming part of a scene,to be able to walk in the building and this kind of stuff. I’d like to do it because I need customers for the business, and I’m really interested, I think that with python and blender wouldn’t be very difficult but I don’t know.
I have been searching for information about soya3d and other 3d engines. Yesterday I was able to run a little program to walk in a house, very simple, but I found a few problems and I prefer do it using GE instead.
I told my friends to learn Blender, but they are a bit reluctant because of the time they will spend learning, so what we are doing is import the max file into a blender file.
1-) Which is the best way to do it? They told me that we would have problems with textures and materials, is it true?
2-)I’d like to know if I can do what I want only using Blender (walk in the scene, go upstairs, interact with some simple objects like doors…) with a good representation quality or if I need to use a game engine like soya to do it. If it is possible and someone could pass me a good tutorial it would be great.

P.S. Could you please tell me how is called in English the person who works in graphic computer :slight_smile: ? In Spanish is infografista, and what they do with the buildings is a “infografia” but I have no idea in English.

Thank you very much for everything.

  1. Since Blender can import .3ds files, you don’t have to export to any other filetype if you dont wish to. You will have trouble with textures, but the solution to this is simple. Make sure all the textures are in the same directory as the .3ds file. I think this will only work if the textures were UV mapped in 3DS max.

  2. Blender is capable of the tasks you require. You only have 2 limitations here, the first is polygon count (after about 40,000 the BGE starts to slow down significantly) and the second is the speed at which you’re able to learn how to use the logic brick system in the GE. However, since you have background in python programming, all you need to do is study the BGE API and implement it into your simulation.

When you’re working with stuff like this, my best bet is that it makes you a CGI or computer graphics artist. CGI meaning ‘computer generated imagery’. What you’re trying to do would be an ‘architectural visualization’, though I’d wager that that’s a more specific term than infografia. A more general term might be a multimedia project.

English is not my mother tongue either, so I might be wrong, but I’ve never come across a term as short and elegant as the French and Spanish infographics and derivatives.