I need someone to render a blender cycles animation for me...

I’m not sure if this is in the right section, but I have an animation for a school project that is 1800 frames long at 30 frames per second. I want to render at 500 samples and my computer is just not strong enough for the 5 days I have left to render this animation.

I also need help with a few lighting issues when I tried to render a frame some of my text wasn’t being lit up properly and it was half invisible, maybe when one of you volunteers to render it you can help me fix the issues on the lighting on some of the text. Also, the material I set for the text isn’t showing up and I just see the normal grey colour when you do 3D view solid mode.

I need help urgently please…

Thanks in advance…


Hi, easiest way is to upload your file and may some can render a few frames, depends on render time.
Don´t forget to pack your texture in the .blend


To render a few days with my two GPU cost me several $$$, but a few hours is OK.

Cheers, mib

I have a machine to validate, So if you have a blend I’ll push it though.
Send a PM

More than happy to give it a render as well, have you considered trying something like sheepit-renderfarm.com ?