I need someone to retopo my dragon model

I made a dragon, and I now need it retopologized for animation. If anyone is willing to do this I will give them the finished model. It will be textured, rigged, and multi-resed. If you are interested pm me, and I can send you the model to retopo.
BTW, if this counts as paid work, could someone move it to the paid work forum?


Never mind, it’s simpler to just say I did it all.

Retopology skill and training is the basis for the modeler, it is better if you learn…the only practice and practice again…
…and if something fails… then no matter, Model the time and again…again…again:) , such is the world of 3D graphics :smiley:

Perhaps that project was finished years ago. Autodesk has just brought out a retopology tool for 3ds max. If your model is imported the tool can do a nice job in seconds.