I need SubSurf UVmap help - v2.40 (See video here)

This is hard to explain, so here is a video of what I want to do in Blender 2.40 …
Click here to watch UVImage-Editor-Blender-237a—Now-Gone-in-v240

The video is a screen capture of v2.37a in action. Here, I am adjusting the mesh in the UV/Image Editor (Right Screen), and I can see Real-Time results (Left Screen). This is so cool to do, because you can control and fine-tune the texture while the mesh is SubSurfed.

In Version 2.40, there is no Real-Time results. You have to make the adjustments with your “best judgment”, then click the mouse to confirm the new adjustment, then hope it is what you want. If it is not what you want, then you have to “UnDo” it. This seems like a down-grade from v2.37a

Maybe there are a few adjustments, and buttons, to enable what I want to do in v2.40 Does anyone know?

Yes, just click the lock icon on in the UV Editor for live-update in UV Face mode.


Thanks a lot! It works, so now I can finish my https://blenderartists.org/forum/images/avatars/125912647443c3125598c00.jpg project and add some skin color to it.