I need surface sketch help

Im having problems getting surface sketch to work with retopo in 2.5 , with the grease pencil, the grease pencil lines sticks to the surface, But the add surface part of the mesh stretches between , and not on the surface. #2 I cant get the snap transform to work at all. I click the magnet, face, in snap element, click particles vertices on the surface, extrude…nothing.
Anyone know how it is being done on the surface sketch video?

It may be that the object you are creating is not at location x=0, y=0, z=0. Is a known issue at the moment. just do ALT+G to get the object (the new one) to location 0,0,0.

For snapping vertexes to faces, after clicking the magnet choose the option “faces” at the side of that icon. I think in the video it’s possible to see the settings for the snapping.

If you have any doubt you can also leave a message at the original thread for the script.