I need textures examples -- Blender generated, not images

I’m still trying to begin applying textures to my models. In my experience, of all the things you can do in Blender, this is the one with the least useful documentation.

I am looking for some blender files that contain some useful permutations of Blender generated textures – not images – that really illustrate what is going on and how they are typically used.

I’ve seen all the links to free “textures”, but they are typically just images and it is the Blender generated ones that I need to see applied in some useful examples. I’ve seen similar files available for materials.

Anyone know where I might find such examples?

Blender Material Repository.


serch the wiki for procedural textures

there are several examples showing the different types ect,

also search the wiki for BSOD materials
very good intro to proced textures


Thanks to both who responded.

Yes, “Procedural textures”.

And the provided link is just what I was looking for. I’m suprised that link to Blender Materials is not linked here:


What could we do to get it posted there?

it is indicated i think in the blender ressources

you’ll find other sources of procedurales textures too

there are a few other librairy available for procedurales textures too

check it out