I need the absolute position of an object.

i have Empties that have two constraints on it that bind it to the position of other objects.
Copy Location and Copy Rotation.
When I try to get the location, I only get the location the Empty has before the constraints are applied, but not the real world coords.
How can I get the real coords, where the Empty is with the constraints applied, without applying the constraints.
What I mean by that is I want to keep the constraints on the Empty so I can still work with them.
But I also need the real position in the world.

import bpy
class defaultlist(list):
    def __setitem__(self, index, value):
        l = len(self)
        if index >= l:
            self.extend(0 for _ in range(l, index+1))
        list.__setitem__(self, index, value)

for i in bpy.data.objects:
    if (i.type == "EMPTY"):
        print("Ziel: "+ i.name+", Ort: " + str(i.location))

At the moment all Empties show the same position, cause without the constraints they actually are all in the same position.

Thx in advance



Thx alot, that’s it. Many thanks for the fast reply.
That helps me alot.
Keep coding :wink: