I need the apricot branch , but cant find it in graphicall.

Sorry i wanted to put this post in the texturing section.

i need the build , if that is what it is, of the apricot version , the one i need to do the tutorial on blender nation about texturing with GLSL , http://vimeo.com/1377005?pg=embed&sec=1377005

can anyone link me a good or new for windows please ? i cant find it in graphicall , i put blender foundation and windows and i get just names whith number no apricot brach names.

The Apricot branch has been merged with Trunk . . . so you just need a recent SVN build (this one should do).

thanx , one question , how unstable this build are ?

wow ! i just launched it amd the slow desappearing menus problem i had is not there anhymore !!! yuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!

I’m keeping my current apricot (2.46) for a while. I tried 2.47 and it just crashed. A lot.