I need the "cartoonish sheep" from yo frankie urgently...

Hello blender users :slight_smile:

I recently started on a short movie project as an assignment for school. For one scene, I have a shepherd watching over some sheep. Well, my problem is I don’t have any sheep yet, and the yo frankie sheep will fit into my short film perfectly i think. From what ive heard all the yo frankie production files are under the ccommons licence meaning i can use them for free.
Could someone please upload just the sheep for me?
I realize you can download everything from their site, but my internet will be capped if i download stuff(i recieved a warning telling me i had %20 left of my peak usage).
Thankyou in advance…

p.s if you know of a file that has just a small scene with the sheep, please give me a link…
the film is due in two days and i haven’t even started animating :eek:

there’s a sheep on this site: http://e2-productions.com/repository/index.php

thankyou Friar, that will be ok, but I would still like the one from yo frankie if anyone has it :slight_smile:

Sheep from Yo Frankie http://www.blenderwho.com/blender/YoFrankieSheep.zip 2.3MB

thanks richard, that will help a LOT in my project. If my project turns out okay, i might post it for critique :slight_smile: