I need to alter file path for multiple files?

I have moved all my media to a new drive but it wasn’t co-located with the blend file (doh!). Now I have to relink all the media (VSE strips). I can do them one at a time by pasting the path string into the sequence strip’s properties window. But there are 150 strips to do.

I tried the VSE addon copy properties > image path but it doesn’t work with non images and outliner won’t allow me to drag and drop just a path (or anything really). Is there a line of python I could run to insert the right path for all those datablocks?

Any suggestions gratefully accepted

This is really simple.
#1. File–>External Data–> Make all paths relative (=this will skip the file path to the sources)
#2. File–>External Data–> Report missing files (=this will detect missing sources)
#3. File–>External Data–> Find missing files (=you need to point to a directory structure where the source files have been moved).

Give it some time to complete the linking and you’re done.
Assuming that you don’t have thousands of flies, all this should take less than 30".

The VSE is a truly portable NLE, working seamlessly across platforms and disks! :slight_smile:

Can’t believe I forgot how to do that. Thankyou very much. I haven’t needed to use it since 2.3

…I know the feeling.
It’s these little things that never cease to amaze me and make up for other VSE deficiencies.