I need to ask a question...

:spin:Hello everyone out there, I am new to Blender and this is my first post.
Does anyone out there use blender for jewelry designs and or could you lead me where or who could help me get started?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance I could receive.



No, I’ve never made any jewelry in Blender. It is possible, I thought there were a few examples on the forum. A tutorial to get started is Blender Noob to Pro, although the most of it is for 2.4x. Blenderguru.com also has some good tutorials.

I design furniture in Blender, though I don’t use it for the technical drawings. You can design pretty much anything in Blender, including jewelry. You don’t need a tut in Blender Jewelry design. Just watch some tuts on modeling, materials and modifiers. I have seen plenty of jewelry created in blender - lots of “The One Ring” for example.

I recommend that you start here:

What you really need to do is to make a wax replica of your design. Then you can take it to someone who makes forms out of clay or something. Then, the next time that there is a pour,
take your mold in. (The wax should be already melted out.) I know that it sounds strange, yet that is how it has been done for years. Some truly remarkable pieces have been made in this way, one of a kind things you know? It is fun to see your creations cast and polished.