I need to bake down normal maps, Am I doing this right?

Here is my file

I uv mapped a “wall section”

then copied it, then added detail, then went to bake the normal map,

and it’s only getting some,

Did I do something wrong?


whatAmIDoingWrong.blend (510 KB)

ok I get it, they need the same origin :smiley:

Here is your file modified, remember the object your baking to has to be around or inside the high poly mesh.
HowToDoItRight.zip (138 KB)

Here we go , Thanks I get it now, faces tangent to faces are normal mapped,

http://www.pasteall.org/blend/24779 - file with baked normals

so these faces can be moved to where you need them in a mesh, scaled and then delete the old face, and do join mesh :smiley: