I need to create a 2D CAD drawing

Can anyone recommend a program to export a blender file to to create a 2D CAD draught drawing with?


ProgeCAD? (free 2D)
Alibre Xpress? (free 3D from which you can create 2D drawings)

I can’t seem to export my blender file in an appropriate format that will open in Alibre, I have tried DXF, and STL and I can’t see that any of the other formats in Blender are supported by Alibre.


I’ve been able to get the 3d mesh geometry to import into SolidWorks (similar app to Alibre) but have never been able to do anything with it once there, and it always has looked black, like there’s a normal problem or something. VRML has been the closest to working. This is due to the fundamentally different paradigms used by these apps from what blender’s geometry uses.

For 2D export from blender (and I’ve never tried this, so “grain-of-salt” 'n all…) be sure you’re only exporting 2D meshes (separate (Pkey) just the “ground level” verts). Likely DXF/DWG will be your best bet for getting it into CAD, so look for an intermediate translation app (like Accutrans) to go from eg. .OBJ to DXF. You’ll have to tinker with things to find a workable solution (please share if/when you do!) but it should be possible. All else fails, redraw it in CAD. May be faster to go that route anyway, eh? :slight_smile: