I need to destroy the moon!

Just for an animation

Not sure to do it manually or use am addon, but my question is how would you texture the insides? I can get pictures of the surface from NASA but how would you go about the insidey-bits?

Rocky, Darkgrey. AND in addition the cooled core with some lava texture greyed out a bit.

So making chunks and uv unwrapping them is the way to go? Would this have to be done separate if using the fractal addon to initially shatter the moon?

Unwrapping every shard is a way to go… Just a very long way. :wink: I would rather suggest the UV Project modifier.

Look over there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozORH67v_WU

That’s close from what you need.

Note that it’s an old video. Nowadays, we would rather use Rigid Bodies over Blender Game.

My advice: Don’t position the empties at random like he does but rather well aligned with the 3 axes.

And to apply the modifiers to all the shards: [ALT C] to convert the meshes to… meshes. It just works! :wink:

I have other solutions… but for Cycles only.

I only use cycles :slight_smile:

Would love to hear all your theories !

I haven’t forgotten you! :wink:

Sit back, relax and start reading: http://www.blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?308586-UV-W-3D-mapping-for-Cycles

At least, look at the images. :smiley:

Oh, thank God! I thought you meant for real… If I were to destroy the moon, I would probably use the fracture plugin. I think it will let you texture the “sides” different ly then that dsurface.

Kaluura - Nice link, will be reading!

place57 - …maybe one day for real…

holy cow Kaluura, did you do that for moi?!!

Oui, rien que pour toi. (Yes, just only for you.) :wink:

And a bit for me too. It was fun to do. :smiley: