I need to fill in these holes...

I have some understanding of python, and I understand what I need to do, Marco, has been kind enough to help me get where I am, but I still need help,
These “Component Cubes” are a form of in game programmable 3d switching things…
each cube has 60 properties for 30 faces,
so each “Terminal face” has 2 properties

so 30 properties = the “property” of the face like “power” or “Anti-Grav”

the other 30 face destination link indexes

1 cube 5 terminals per side 6 sides so 30 terminals,

these terminals can pass information to any of the other 29 faces,

so, if the property[‘Sensor_(number of terminal)P’] changes, then it casts a ray from face own[“Sensor_(number of terminal)D”]

this ray hits cube B face 5
So cube a changes cube B’s property target[‘Sensor_5P’] to what ever property started the A cube firing the ray,

So A can send the property “power” to cube B and then cube B casts a ray from the face own[‘Sensor_5D’]

So A1 hits B5 which trigger b11 to shoot a ray to … and so on and so forth…

I am making a amazing game, but I am not a coder, can some one comment where I need to change or edit this script to do this?

I have a real problem with dyslexia, but only when scripts get over a certain length, it’s almost like my brain panics…


here is what Raco wrote for me, I wrote something like this before, but it passed collision “flags” and ended up using ALOT of cpu

this should be much more streamlined if I can get it to work

I got it working, but I am having trouble with some of the faces not working …


CubeWorking (1) (1).blend (501 KB)

I don’t see why you can not just parent a bunch of static cubes with different properties to the main cube to make it work.

It is a system to pass information, and power, it’s not going to be static either,

It is a 3d reprogram-able circuit system,

It is complex because it has to be :slight_smile:

I achieved a similar result using collision flags, however they tend to waffle the scene when you get 30+components in a scene

hence the rays

the file below works, but only the 3 faces Raco set up, I am doing something wrong with poly data maybe or pairings, I am not sure,


CubeWorking (1) (1).blend (501 KB)

I fixed it, it was a few little things I did not get at first :slight_smile: