i need to import sound

i m ready to start an animation but i need to import sound. And guess what … it s not working.I think that it s because my sound is a 22.05 khz. but how to change th khz without affecting sound?

Download Audacity from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
its free.
Open your sound in this package, export as wav and then it will be imported in Blender.

thanks to audacity i resample the sound. Now i notice that if you use alt A it works but if you use play in the time line window it don t work. Is there someting to do?or it s a known bug?

Use the blender utility to match sound waves with time. Open IPO Curve Editor and manually alter IPOs usign Ctrl+A to match the Jump with sound waves.

if i use the blender utility (don t know that?) and open the sound as an ipo curves (not sure how to do) when i will hit play in the timeline i will get the sound playback.

Suppose an object is jumping according to the voice wave, then you have to do this.
Create an object.
Create IPO Curve
Import Wave File
Match IPO Window with Sound Track Window.
Put your cursor in the IPO window and see the sound wave height , and accordinly place IPO value manually using Control+A