I need to know EVERYTHING! please help!

Now, I am the first to admit that I am pretty useless at most things, adn I guess I am no expert in my beloved Blender too!

But I still have the mad passionate desire to learn more. I have ony beenon the game engine for a while and have come across EVENmore terminology that has made my head spin. i understand the sculpting and how to make simple things like vehicules move, but I am still stuck on soo many more things.

  1. If I can make a vehicule drive across terrain, how comes it stays horizontal when going up a steep hill when it shoudl be parallel with the hill?

  2. If I was to contemplate making a scoring game, how do I make blender count scores, and what types of trigger meachnisms are recommended?

  3. If i was to make a battlecars type game (Yep, I am still living in the '80s!) how do I amke the cars have a certian number of hit points and what do I do to make the collisions take the hit points off the vehicule?

4)Now the real biggie, HOW do i make an introduction screen with screens you can go to which tell you which keys to press and which levels to navigate to?

  1. what is the procedure to make a gun fire a missile at something and

  2. if I wanted to make a combat game (I know “nicky, you are trying to run before you can walk again arent you?”) how do I make the characters armature movements be contorlled in the game world? I am only used to animation so far

  3. and If (just on the offchance like) I DID make a combat game, how do I make a character pick up a new weapon.

I know I am asking alot, but you must remember your first few heady days in the glorious and exciting world of 3D, the excitmet, the intoxiaction, the obsession. It is LOVELY and i am so high on it!!!

Please help.

Nicky Tn %|

because it isn’t a rigid body or doesn’t have fh rotation enabled. I’ve rambled about fh stuff a lot before, search for one of my posts

[veichles are nearly impossible to do well in the current game engine]

do you know how to use properties in the game engine?

do you know how to make text in the game engine?

apparently you don’t know how to use properties then

paint a texture and put it on a plane in its own scene

… that is unless you want to really work and make those keys customizable

add object actuator

[if your missile travels too fast it will pass through things]

you still have to animate them, just you’ll have lots of action actuators and some really annoying logic. This is where python gets useful.

replace a mesh, either the character mesh to one including the weapon or replace another mesh that is also child of the armature with the weapon…

you’re probably biting off more than you can chew right now… but have fun

If you don’t mind my saying so, you’re getting way ahead of yourself. Start slowly, and learn things one at a time. My first games were just about walking around, and they’ve improved heavily since then.

yeah the plantperson has got it at the rightside yet again…
i found it funny to say that.

anyhow, i learned blender bit by bit aswel, a thing at a time, realy.

Get the Blender gamekit. It might be a bit outdated but its what really got me going in Blender. Helps alot even now.