I need to learn more about images

How would I make a plane invisible,but you can see the image put on it?I got a alpha picture and want to put it on plane but picture is all you see.

I need to learn more about images

you also need to post in the support forums.
you could also try using the search function in the forum to find this has been answered many times.

Wrong forum for the question, but anyway:

how do i do that

Im new to blender and need to put an alpha image on plane,but dont want the plane to be visible,only image.Can anyone help?Thanks


then ask.

You do it so, search for “transparency” (this surely isn’t that hard):


Boy alot of help here thanks…Maybe other forums know when your new and not here.No shit I can learn it and read about it.

before you get all upset about nothing, maybe you should take a look at the link SoylentGreen posted?

it shows step by step instructions with pictures of the interface on how to do it.

Then you’re probably too lazy to read it here too, the answers would show the same approach, but without pictures. The link is very good.

ok, it is better to learn how to do transparent images or alpha mapped planes manually.
but there’s, as usual, a script to do it for you.
use a .png as your alpha image & you can also use this script here:

download the script.
put the script in .blender/scripts.
open the scripts window.
press update menus.
press misc.
press Import 2d cutout images.
press load single image.
browse for your file.
press import.