I need to learn the procedure to keep props and characters synchronized between Blend files

When I have a prop or character that I have created in one Blender file that was appended and then animated in a scene from another Blender file and it had problems so I did some major repairs to the original but I want the appended version to inherit its improvements.

I know there is a technique to synchronize a character’s and prop updates between files but I did this 5 years ago so I forgot the term to even search how to do so.

What is this called and what is the best tutorial on this procedure?

You need to Link instead of Append your prop or character. Then turn on the addon ‘Edit Linked Library’.

Best practice would probably be to add everything in the prop or character to a Collection and then Link that Collection instead of individual Objects or whatever. Then using the above addon you can go to File>External Data>Edit Linked Library, make your changes and they will update when your return to your new scene.

There is also Library Overrides added recently which I know nothing much about. It sounds more useful for character animations and similar where you want to Link one object several times and apply different operations to each one. Blender Today Live #80 covered it. You can search for that on Youtube.

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That gives me something to start, thanks again!

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