i need to make a game...im screwed

ok i have a little problem here…and i need help

here’s hy sitch:

im currently in a class at college where were creating 2 things: a virtual tour of a main building of the campus, and also creating a game based off of the same building…the game has to be finished by the end of this school semester(november/december) and i don’t know what to use…

we were going to use Wolfenstein: enemy territory and use GTKradiant…but that is way to hard and time consuming…so do any of you have any hints at what i should do ? im totally lost…and the stress is building

help !

Blender is a great program for walkthroughs and the creation of games. It does however require alot of time a patience to learn the basics. I would suggest purchasing the Blender Gamekit from www.blender3d.org (or you can order it through borders book store). We use it very regularly. Other engines I have used have been easy to setup but have no advanced functionality once you have learned the basics. The walkthrough will be the easy part, the game will be a bit tougher. Get a team together and get it going!

yeah for the walkthrought, go to tutorials in blender3d.org and d/l the walkthrought demo/tutorial/template and use it as your base…you’ll have a 1st person view with mouselook. That’s the ones u use and there are some peoples good at python/blender which could provide examples to use/study

hmm, useful…