I need to move my entire model down and keep it that way!


I have this ship model and I am trying to move the whole thing down to meet with the intersection of the x and y axis (the middle).

I align it how I want to, and export it, however when I re-import it, it is back in the same position I had moved it from.

What do I do to essentially save where the position of the model is?

PS - ALT+G moves the model back to the original position, so it doesn’t work.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

What are you exporting it to, and what are your re-importing it from? If you are dealing strictly with Blender, when you save your file (as whatever.blend) it will reopen in what ever postition you saved it.

I am using a special script, but I figured out that I needed to align, then export it in .3ds and re-import it. Then export it in my script.

If that makes sense. Anywho, I got the idea from you, kind of. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Are you moving it in edit mode or in object mode?