I need to move once(and only once) per triggering.

How do you cause a motion actutor to rotate, move, or scale. once and only once per triggering of a script. I wrote a script that comes up with an up or down movement of a point that subtracts or adds to counter-act the previous movemnet (depending on what the previous movement was(+or-))
I thought this would prevent the transformation from continuing of into infinity. Bu it still does go off into infinity. So I tested what would happen when the script is triggered only once, It goes off into infinity still. So I think it must be perfoming the movement several times in between the calculation of the next movement. But still if this were true you’d expect that it would sway wildly up and down, because my script also comes up with negative values that would shoot it down at times as well. Instead, at the times when I would expect my object to come down, it pulses or pauses on it’s way up. I admit there is a possibility that the problem is in my calculations but I keep going over them and I don’t see a problem. The only problems I can think of, are that the previous movement is not being properly canceled out, or the actual actuator performs the movement more times than my script can keep up with.
I’ve tried a solution that doesn’t work, where my script not only triggers the motion actuator but a property actuator that sets a property to true, which triggers a second script to set the motion actuator to a “false” condition. But I figure this runs at the speed of pulses as well, so it might not be fast enough. Which gives me an Idea to set the pulses to a faster speed,(but I can just see it in my head now, it’ll probably just rocket off even faster).
There is also the possibility of using such things as owner.setPosition() and owner.setOrientation() but I have yet to figure out how to calculate a relative motion using these.
This seemed realtively simple when I began, but I don’t know if I’ll ever achieve this. I still refuse to beleive that it just isn’t possible. :-? Help MEEEEeeEEeeee poof

Are you deactivating the actuator? Movement actuators continue forever until they’re told to quit. Deactivating an actuator is the same as activating it, you jsut replace the one with a zero.
i.e. GameLogic.addActiveActuator(move, 0)

Keep in mind you can’t deactivate an actuator the same frame you activated it, you have to wait until the next frame.

So therefore if I place an GameLogic.addActiveActuator(motionactuator,0) right before the …(motionactuator,1) this will cancel the previous triggering and cause the next one? I’m trying to think how this would solve my problem even if it did work. Oh well, thanks

Also, are all actuators triggered continuously? or is that just with motion actuators?

Only motion actuators seem to be triggered continuously, (i could be wrong, I haven’t tested all of them.)

placing GameLogic.addActiveActuator(motionactuator,0) right before GameLogic.addActiveActuator(motionactuator,1) if an actuator is sent a positive pulse and a negative pulse on the same frame the negative pulse will be ignored.

You need to run the script twice, and deactivate the actuator on the second time. You’ll also need a way to tell the script if this is the second time it’s being run, (a bool property works good for this.)

I thought that I would Rue it! I Doubted I’d Do it!.. But Indeed I did!
And Iiiiiii! did it!! (with a little help from my friends.) thanks for everybody’s help!The hinge of that axil creeks back and forth with the slope of the ground! :-? :expressionless: :x :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :smiley: [!]

Is it something like this you mean :-?
I cant so much abaut scripting bun i think this is what you men


You have to save it not just klick on it hehe