I need to send renders to Dell. what can i do to make them better?

Hey Guys, i would really appreciate some constructive criticism.
i have a request from dell for so renders of our product. (we are new Dell partners)
how can i make these better?
thanks very much


I don’t know the purpose of these images. Black objects on white background may be stylish but is in general hard to read. Orthographic views gives no sense of size. Try to use lights to describe the shape more. I’m missing some edge highlights. Can it be that some of the edges aren’t beveled?

Happy blending :slight_smile:

use perspective render it gives you a better sence of size, you may add for prototyping a couple of orthographic renders as reference for front and side, but also, when you render use an hdri envyroment map so the whole volume and material of the objects highlights much more.
also in the display bachground you want to use some gradient or some sort because the contrast between a full 100 white with something dark makes it hard to look at it.

Hi Precision Mounts,

Another approach might be to have a full 3D environment, like the product sitting on a wooden table. This would give a sense of size and you could use an HDRi of a room to give it some nice realistic lighting.


This is great work so far. You might consider also putting some key lighting in to show off the surface detail a little more effectively. As it is, the meshes are lost as black against a very high contrast background. Putting in a sharper key light may add some highlights to the surface and help your geometry pop out more against your white background.

Good modelling, there. Well done.

EDIT: That’ll show me to post before my second cup of coffee…Emil already spotted the lighting problem and made the same suggestion…ugh. Sorry about that.


For blueprint renders I would recommend adding a top or bottom view to your collected views. Of course with blueprints you will need size and angle measurements drawn on the image. Though for blueprints you don’t really need render shots for this unless they wanted it like this.

For non-blueprint renders then I recommend all critiques that you have received.

Note: I might be wrong with the blueprint renders and you may need them to be fully rendered. I was only in computer aided drafting/blueprinting around years 2009 to 2011. Ways may have changed.

Aren’t these confidential?

I mean, I don’t see dell using this as promotional pictures.
It’s clearly internal, so it’s fine

the quality doesn’t really matter all that much.

If it is promotional,
first start by telling me what they are.