I need to set up hotkeys to toggle the Even/Flipped/Clamp parameters during an Edge Slide operation

Hello. I’m currently using Blender 2.8.

To explain, I’m fully aware that I can toggle the Edge Slide parameters using the E, F, and C keys respectively. However, I’m using a 3dconnextion Spacemouse to navigate and work in Blender, and I would like to perform any tasks I need to without having to take my hands off the Spacemouse to reach for the keyboard. Through the use of the Blender UI, my mouse’s extra buttons, and the hotkeys on my Spacemouse (they’re recognized as NDOF buttons in Blender), I have been fairly successful in keeping it this way so far.

However, with the Edge Slide command, I have found being able to toggle the edge/flipped/clamp parameters to be very useful when creating loops on my models. Frustratingly though, I’ve had to reach for the corresponding keys on my keyboard each time I needed to toggle these parameters, and I haven’t found any way to add dedicated toggle buttons on my Spacemouse during an Edge Slide operation (I can’t even find the mapping for these particular actions in the keymap menu).

I looked at the transform.edge_slide mapping under the “3D View Tool: Edit Mesh, Edge Slide”, but there doesn’t seem to be any option for dedicated buttons for toggling the Even/Flipped/Clamp parameters, even under the “Transform Modal Map” submenu.

I did find the corresponding names below when hovering over the checkboxes for the parameters in the input settings for transform.edge_slide and then inputted them as new keymaps mapped to my Spacemouse. It didn’t work when I added them.

Even = transform.EDGE_SLIDE_OT_use_even
Flipped = transform.EDGE_SLIDE_OT_use_even
Clamp = transform.EDGE_SLIDE_OT_use_even

Is there any way to create dedicated hotkeys to toggle these parameters during an Edge Slide that I seem to be missing? I’ll add any more information if it will help with this, but any help would be greatly appreciated on this. Thanks!

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Yeah, I also wish I could rebind those three buttons. If someone have a solution please share.

Those keys are hard-coded, unfortunately.

I suggest u download Xmouse software on windows.

I used it to map out exta keys on my mouse button for blender and othe 3d softwares.
Its being a huge help after damagimg the middle mouse button of 3 mice.