I need to use UV mapping, but want to repeat textures...

Hi, I’m working on a model to eventually export to OSG, and import into a VR environment (Vizard), so the only reliable method I have of texturing is UV mapping. In this case, I really want to texture a building with bricks. Most of the tutorials I’ve seen have 1-to-1 mappings, like mapping a face, or a small die. I’d like the bricks to repeat and be approximately the size they should be in real life. I’m also following this tutorial: http://vterrain.org/Doc/Blender/ .

Thanks for any help!

If you extend the UV nodes beyond the borders of the image box, they will ‘wrap’ which is to say, repeat, starting at the opposite edge from where they went off into space.

I should probably clarify a bit: I’m trying to tile textures, without loading in a huge tiled texture for a 1-to-1 map?

You might try setting the tile X and tile Y values in texture buttons, not sure if that will work though. There may be another way, but I don’t know of it.

i just found myself with this problem. Since i couldn’t find any other way to do this i had to do what Modron was saying about extending the points of the UV texture beyond the size of the image. The problem is you have to do this for each individual face, unless you have a bunch of faces with the same size, even then you’ll need to make sure that your faces have the same orientation. After that, i had to make a decision on the size of my texture. So i made a texture in the 512x512 image file which i decided would be 2x2 feet. After that, for each face i had to look at the size of the face and then decide what the coordinates should be. for instance if i had a face that was 4x4 feet then my uv square would have to be 1024x1024. And you can just key that in to the number properties. The problem with this method is that Blender will only allow up to 10 tiles. So in my case, the maximum number i could use was 5120, which means i couldn’t have any face with a side that’s longer than 20 feet. I know it’s been a while since the original post, but i hope this can help somebody.

After unwrapping your mesh,just scale the four UV coordinates appropriately in the UV/Image editor window. For example,scale the UV coordinates as twice as the image,you will get four repeats of it.:slight_smile:

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The question you’re replying to is more than a year old. It’s very likely that the original poster has found an answer already… or is possibly not even posting here anymore. A lot of things change in a year.

In any event, welcome to Blenderartists!

Good response, that helped. Replies to old questions are always useful if they actually contribute to solutions.

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Yes, some of us are new to Blender and will run into the same issues, as I have today, low these many years since his original post. Thanks for keeping these online.

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