I need you 3d car models in my driving game please send you vehicles

who like donate some car models for my game i work on it? please send here not fbx

blend files and obj3d car i need renault honda civic peugeot 106 rallie peugeout 205 gti alfa romeo models

and other cool cars please if you know any good free sites drop here or donate you own models

models should be maded mapped and painted in cycle render only because i use armory3d for game

and better body should be single object not 1000 parts what need glue i wait and thanks

ok, this isnt for bge, itll slide since models can be used any where.

my car models i use are from sketchup warehouse. need to spend time cleaning a bit, but a small price to pay for free models.

Just beware of copyrights issues and they are very serious about that even for free project.

You need to remove company logo and modify the car so it doesn’t look exactly like the real one.

no thank bro sketchup is outside blender different soft i download there model but blender cant open it need convert it

i need without converting blend and obj files i try google but sites i download there models wont work in game because it modeled wrong

art this point i use cars i made bymyself but it not looks like real cars very low poly

ok this just sad i cant use real model of cars to not copyright

this be hard get license for it

maybe i need made model bymyself from imagination but it not be so good i bad in modeling

It’s no big deal to just remove the logo and just change the shape of the light beam slightly and this way no judge will bother with it.

Just look at how GTA handle the car models for a better idea.

@Daedalus_MDW: Are you sure these models (derived from google warehouse) can be used commercially?

according to what i could make of the terms of use, any model can be used in commercial or otherwise, so long as:

  • its in a “collection” of things, and not as a standalone model.

this seems reasonable given sketchup is a commercial architectural software.

hi dudes watch my game with cars i modeled i was try made lada vaz 2108 but it not lada it blusm tusm motors car