I need your advices

Hello everyone!
I’m a beginner user on Blender. I’d be appreciated your comments and advices to improve my abilities.

Thank you!


I like it, this is great work, especially for a beginner. I have two thoughts: first, everything is very flat. Your wood has no grain or texture. Maybe adding some displacement or bump mapping would add some more visual interest. Second, your background is strange. This looks like an outdoor scene, but the fade to black makes it look like a volcano just erupted.

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Thank you for advices. Actually I want to make more smooth models but I don’t know how to do it :slight_smile: I will change background, i just couldnt make it :see_no_evil:

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Y’know, ellaersal, I just think that it’s great, exactly as it is. There’s even some wry humor … Winter Wet Suit Sale!”“Surf … Go Home!” It’s cleanly and evenly lit, it’s obviously a “plastic toy,” and if you were in the business of selling the actual thing in plastic you’d probably make a lot of money.

I personally think that you nailed it, and that you ought to be #featured.

What’s really outstanding to me is your attention to detail. It’s absolutely everywhere. Surfboards, floats, calendars(!), diamond-shaped signs … the closer you look, the more you see. :+1:

So, “let this be ‘the look that you were looking for,’ this time.” Now, if you then want to explore the idea further, go ahead – but first, make an archive copy of this, “completed,” blend-file.


Ahh, thank you so much for your nice words and kindness.

Hi, I really like your work! I love your attention to detail :slightly_smiling_face: If I were you I would look into how you set up a studio lighting scene, especially 3 point lighting. I think it will make the colours more popping. I’m also curious about what Render Engine you used for this picture.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I couldn’t learn the lighting yet. I use Cycles for render.

you have to look up the youtube channel ‘Polygon Runway’. I think you two share the same style. Just watch some of his videos, you can learn allot about lighting and modelling your scene :slight_smile: