I need your help !! This is basic but i dont know how to do this.

GUYS, i just want to know how to render like this ? is there any tutorial on how to do this? Btw , its n2km file "Blender 2.49b " THANKS!!!! Sorry for my bad english and noobish. :D:D:D

This is not rendered. This looks like model with a texture applied, in textured shading mode.

also switch to glsl in the properties sidebar (which opens and closes using the N key while in the 3d view), in the properties sidebar you can find a pulldown menu called ‘shading’ it might be set to multitexture, you can switch it there to glsl.

The model appears to be have a normal map applied, you’ll need both texturing and glsl modes enabled to see them.

Also this won’t be in cycles rendering mode but in ‘blender render’.

If it goes all black, you might need to add a lamp into the scene.