I need your help to make a proper displacement baking free tutorial?

I am trying to use blender 2.79 internal renderer to bake displacement maps but the information on certain critical aspect are missing even from the official Blender 2.79 manual.

I am mainly talking about baking geometry on a flat low poly plane for thing like snake scales, brick, stones etc.

The information’s i need are the following ;

1-Distance and how do i calculate them correctly?

2=Normalized what does this setting do?

3- Bias how to set properly?

Also is there a way to bake the image to 16 bit instead 32 bits float?

I always credit people who help me making tutorials.

Well i did a lot of test today and honestly i think something is wrong with displacement baking with blender 2.79 internal renderer or either their is a mysterious setting i don’t have right!

I did same displacement with Xnormal and the displacement work perfectly but with various setting in distance and Bias and believe me i tried a lot the displacement map is always wrong!

Here a few images showing the problem ;

OK i will forget about making a tutorial for this until they make something that work correctly in 2.78 since my most recent test show me that blender internal cannot achieve quality heightmap baking.

The results are far too unpredictable to consider in a production pipeline, some time you get a good baking and sometime you get a bad one for no apparent reason.

So as for now i will update my 3ds max transition thread and will recommend ex 3d maxer’s and maya folks to use XNormal since results are excellent and easy to obtain.

Did you check this tutorial https://youtu.be/l1ASzhU9O-A

Hi Erick, yes i saw this one and it was identical with the other one i found on blender stack exchange but thank.

Now i am running in a new error i don’t get since even the blender stack exchange have multiple solutions but none of them work on my side.

The error said that there is '‘no object selected to bake to’'but i select my high rez first then my low rez just as usual and i verify they were indeed selected and it keep throwing me the error.

Tried restarting blender a few time with same result.

I will suggest to go through the video again and that is the only i use when i need to bake, note that i didn’t bake for awhile. May be in the weekend i will try that and get back to you.

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Well that very nice from you since it will help me making that tutorial the correct way!

Finally nail what was wrong, i was trying to bake it like i usually do it in 3ds max and blender seem to work differently.

I had to delete the bottom faces so they line up with the plane without intersecting so i use the bisect tool and i got another issue since bisect was not working at all on a 400,000 faces mesh so i simply made the best selection i could and delete intersecting face but it is a lot more work that should not be require.

In max i was able to just lower my low poly plane under my scales and enter correct distance and i would get a perfect displacement but in blender this doesn’t seem to work and i try measuring the distance in blender units without success and i also played with the bias but again without success.

I hope they will address this in 2.8 soon since a lot of artists use this on a regular basis.

I will now made that tutorial and post it in the tutorials section.

Here my new results ;