I need your tutorials!

I have decided to attempt to make a 3d game after a few months of making flash games. I will be using Unity for the game, and Blender for all of the assets.

I have just started using Blender this week, and have begun making my first house. What I need are some tutorials on a few things.

So far I have been reading the Wiki Book ‘Blender 3d: Noob to Pro’ and it teaches about the interface, basic modeling, and a little bit on textures. Some things I would like to learn about are:

Low Poly Characters (creating, rigging, and animating )
Creating textures (in gimp), and how to use them.
Anything else you would find useful for a noob

For my game I don’t plan on going for a realistic look, but a more cartoonish/stylish one. Sort of like Battlefield Heroes, TF2, and Crazy Fairies. Would I be right by saying this would be easier?