i needed a new wallpaper, simple twists...



nothing fancy… just thought someone else might want it.

Tell me how you set up the lights,
that’s cool :]

a simple low energy lamp(.25), dupliverted to a string of verts running through the spiral.

I, uh, wha? :o

thats pretty tricky, i must try it!

cool effect :smiley:

He took the lamp and parented the verts to it then went to the duplivert button and turned it on. (which just tells it to repeat along that line of verts.) Check This tut for a more full explanation.

Very nice job. Simple yet very good.

OK, theoretically I get it (I admit, it took me a while).
But now that string of verts (probably a curve right?) is it going in the same
direction as the spirelli or just a straight line?
A .blend might be usefull if provided :]

to make the string, create a plane, delete 2 verts on one side, select the remaining two, Wkey->subdivide 2 or 3x.

parent the light to the object, enable dupliverts…

i never saved the original blend because really not much work went into it but here is a sample for the light setup at least… i used a spot so you could see better hopefully.

check the bottom of this page too! http://www.cs.trinity.edu/ag/class-blender-folder-link/blender-stuff/htmlI/x5888.html

How could I forget?
One of the first tuts I followed :]
Thnx, much appreciated