I noticed no wrinkles on manga?

I noticed there is no wrinkles on the clothing items for the high saturated manga models. Is that a design choice are part of the genre? I know it makes for faster artwork.

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There is a technical factor of how complex are the designs, which means that high detailed designs are far more complex and time-consuming to produce.

It depends on the style of each artist, others go for high-detailed designs and capture more details along the way, but the most common format is to go for the illustration style instead.

Also there might be another factor based on the characters, the characters supposed to look stylish or cool most of the times, and this is more like a storytelling quality. Having wrinkles in clothes would make someone look sloppy.

This looks like a deliberate design choice, so their designs look much more clean and cool that way.

With this explanation I should be able to make better design choices. I think the main reason they did this, was to make it quick and easy to produce the model.

Also, since there is no physical simulation for textures and wrinkles are always static, they may end up looking ridiculous during animation.

You’ve always got to make decisions about what to consciously put in, and what to just-as consciously leave out. Manga is a very stylized art form. The whole thing has a strong element of fantasy.