I nuked my site!

Check it out!
do you like it better than before, worse, or do you not care? You can also vote on my site. :smiley:

EDIT: If that doesn’t work, try http://www.lemsoft3d.tk

looks cool :smiley:

HELP!!! :o
Is anyone there?

Many of us just don’t care about other people’s personal sites.
But for what it’s worth, it definately looks better. A bit too many animated details for my taste, but looks much more professional.

Note that you really don’t need the ‘who’s online’ thing and a forum (the memberlist makes me want to cry). And I doubt that anyone would want to register at your site. Why should they?

The above is a collection of random thoughts (to be updated as soon I remember some more.)

Thanks, I removed that stuff. :smiley:

Better. And your poll is broken (module isn’t active)

what the hell is up with that? :wink:

Fixed. :smiley:
Oh, and thanks for alerting me. :smiley:

It’s okay. too much movement for my liking.

Really? I can fix it, then! :smiley:

Still can’t see your pictures… and yes my browser supports .png but it doesn’t get any images whatsoever from your site. My best guess is there’s something dodgy in your javascripts, but there’s no way for me to tell.

I ran your site’s index page through a validator and got this: The “noframes” tag was found, but it is not valid due to where it is used. This element may be contained in “body” and “frameset”. This element may not be contained in “noframes”. The tag is currently not contained in an element that allows its use. But don’t think that can be it.

how did u make a site like that?

Yes, it uses frames. try accessing http://www.lemsoft3d.tk instead.

I used PHP-Nuke, HTML, and The GIMP! :smiley:

gotta love the gimp!

Dude ok I found the original html of your page now and ran it through htmlvalidator… and well got this halfway through:

Terminating validation due to too many errors! Please correct the previous errors and recheck the document.

I’d suggest you went to http://www.htmlvalidator.com and got the free/lite version of their software and check your site, it’s full of basic html errors.