I obviously just don't "get" Yafray.

Everyone I talk to about Blender seems to think that I’m crazy for using Blender’s renderer instead of Yafray. I have spent hours reading nonsensical jargon on how to use Yafray, but I can never get consistent good results. I find that Yafray tends to have problems with really simple things, like letting light solid edges. And although I know its possible, I haven’t figured out how to render radiosity in yafray.

Are there any clear and concise tutorials on how to set up a scene to be properly rendered in Yafray? I’ve looked, but have fallen short. The example with which I’ve been experimenting involves a cube with a square hole in one face, and a light on the outside shining in. I’ve been fooling with this simple scene for days now, and haven’t yet managed to come up with a satisfactory setup (indirect lighting/radiosity, low noise, light not seeping through edges)

light through edges is the cause of photons, you need to decrease the size of the blurr radius or change the geometry to a solid wall instead of a flat 2D face. You can use “Full Global” illumination to render inside objects, but results be a lot of noise you will need to use shadow ref. and also use cache to speed things up. Now, I almost never use yafray. Unlike Blender it can do caustics using photon lamp (found in regualar lamps once YafRay is enabled) and inderect lighting too. I really don’t know much :frowning: this softwares are hard to learn.

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YafRay is not better than render internal, but different. You can achieve great results with Blender Internal and it has got ‘must learn’ features that yafray does not have.

There are learning resources in yafray website, both in the yafray wiki and in the forum itself.