I one it.

Okay. Cause I’m bored and it’s late, i’m going to start yet another forum game.

Here’s how to play:
You think of something that can be edible it can be good like a box of cupcakes or it can be horrible like a box of used diapers.
Then you say (or type) this:
I was walking down the road and I saw_object here_. I one it.
Then the next poster says “I two it” and so on until you get to 8 (whereas the person who says “I eight it” is ultimately the loser [cause they ate it:p]).
Then after that. The next poster can think of something and the cycle starts over again.
Beware though of the jumping 8. Posters who come eighth can say “I jumped over and______name here___ate it” and unless that person comes in and says the same thing (only with a different persons name) they automatically are the loser.

So I start.

I was walking down the road and I saw a dead hamster. I one it.

I eight it…hmmm…you are making me hungry, I’m a china man. Over here that is a delicasse…ok I’m gonna follow the rules. I two it…

I three it.

It’s really a delicacy over there? Interesting.

I four it.

I five it.

offtopic: do you really think anyone gonna post the eighth one? umm… dosent look like a very nice idea.

i six it
plus some extra characters to post

I seven it. @itqan the idea is that if you eight it, that you get to choose what the next person eights. Thus, if you make it worse, you get to inflict horror upon others.of course, this means that it shall get gradually more horrible, until the point at which it must be closed, due to mental problems…

I eight it. Was kind of tough though. probably should have cooked it better.

I was walking down the road and i saw a moldy Naga viper pepper. I one it.

Don’t know what it was but i two it.

:RocknRoll: I totally just threed it

i four it.

I five it.

I six it. Next.

I seven it to HELL!!! XD JK…

I eight it…mmm good stuff.
I was walking down the road and saw some diarreha from an old cancer sick fat man…it had corn in it. I one it…

OMG 0_o… that is absolutely delicious!!! I two it.

I eight it…hmmm…you are making me hungry, I’m a china man
Racist statements are not allowed on the forum. As your punishment:

Gudra ate (eight) that big pile of crap (with corn).

I was walking down the road, and I saw an anvil with nails welded to it. This also I fed to Gudra. He vomited it up however, so I one it.

^funny. I love mods. :yes:

I two it.

okay i three it.

i four it.