I only make sad stuff



“help” :sweat_smile:

This is both crappy and great at the same time. I am so conflicted.

It reminds me a little of the adult swim smalls. You know the person doing it is skilled but chooses to take shortcuts and make certain things awful on purpose. :rofl:

I always wonder how much time something like this has taken. Would you mind telling me a little about it? What is your process? Do you even have one? :slight_smile:


hahaha, this has me grinning big time. thanks for all the kind words!!

i tend to work on these for a few hours before bed, and this one in particular took about 3 wks of those nights. took about a week longer than i wanted to.

it was initially inspired by a piece from Toshio Saeki (attached). the piece stopped me in my tracks (or scroll, so to speak), but the context of his piece is left pretty open-ended for me, and i wanted to narrow in on some of that and play with the backstory.

in terms of process: every video is pretty different, but i try to focus on finer details only when the objects are a major component to the world. for example, the trees are lowpoly because it’s quick, doesn’t slow down my cpu, and you (the audience) really only need to know that there are trees. not what kind of leaves they have.

that being said, i totally take time to put super minuscule ideas on objects that don’t play major roles either sometimes, just for fun or future use. like, the microwave in this video reads “80085,” and the only excuse i have for it is because it made me laugh. for the audience, they’ll probably never notice it unless they paused or watched at half speed.

i did make a whole other half to the house though & i’m hoping to keep adding to this story. i got oddly attached to the characters here & did a lot of writing for them. truly, thanks for being interested!! i hope this could shed some light. if you have any links to your own work, i’d love to check it out!! fairly new to the blender community & people are constantly impressing the hell out of me. - cheers

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This is really great! It has amazing unity and energy and provides a cathartic laugh for all who need it. Very memeable as well. 11/10. Keep going and promote your stuff constantly and keep exploring your ideas and tone! I’ll def check out the other videos on your channel when I get a chance (gotta do my own work now).

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wowzo friend, you’re making me blush in my own home. thank you so so much for the encouragement & motivation!! i know we only just met but i want you to know that i love you deeply. best of luck with your own work!!

You need to study animation, read the animations survival kit +the 16 dvd curse this will dramatically improve your animation skills and afcourse a lot of blender tutorials helps also !!

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Ha, ha, ha! This is sooo sick… in a great way!! :rofl:

I think the animations are perfect for this. And the boy’s face…ssssscary… :wink:

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i agree! i actually scoured my city libraries last week in search of the survival guide. got any good tut recs for facial rigs? i’d love to be able to start syncing facial muscles with words/emotions. thanks for the feedback!!

Rigging it’s another skill to learn ,it’s as hard as to be good animator ,you can watch here some of the my rigging works

Hey @rickyderby, thanks for the in depth reply!

Its funny to see where the inspiration from this piece came from. Just three weeks huh. :sweat_smile: Do you storyboard anything or do you just dive straight in?

Regarding those details, I did see you replaced the head with cheese at the fridge scene! :crazy_face:

Forgive me for asking this but I am genuinely curious. Lets take that walk cycle, is that a stylistic choice where you could do better if you chose to do so or is that where your at with your animation level and your just not letting it hold you back.

I think I spend about as much time on my first walkcycle as you spend on your entire short. :upside_down_face: A part of me wishes I could just say eff it, and make something like what you did.

Regarding my own “work”, I’ve been doing this stuff as a hobby for a really long time now. Have not been really consistent though. Lately I’ve been trying my hand at animation and rigging.

You can find some really old stuff here: www.3dioot.com

And some animation exercises here (just some walkcycles and some balls): https://vimeo.com/370743979

Thanks for sharing!

I love the transition at the end where the wobbly face goes to the wobbly logo. Hilarious. :smiley:

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heya! so sorry i missed this!
your walk cycles and physics sims are incredibly on point!! i’ve been trying to learn more physics and navigating the oddities & mishaps that come along with em. sometimes i pull my hair out.

as far as storyboarding: i’ve been actively trying to get better at it so that it’s easier to complete projects quicker. I almost always start with a list of events and go from there. I like having the hyper-controllable world in blender, i.e. if I can’t envision the scene totally yet, Blender gives an infinite amount of replays, angles, etc. The driving force for me is definitely something like: “make a good scenario and the cinematography will sort itself out.” I’m still trying to hone my eye for that stuff, though.

I do think if I focused more on the animating, I could definitely do much better. Most stuff here is one or two tries before just going with it. It’s absolutely one of the “good enough for now, let’s get this done & keep moving” moments.

I’m not sure if you’re familair with @southernshotty on YT and IG, but he recently released a course on quick & efficient character rigging. The class is out of my budget but something like this would be a solid goal of balancing efforts/results for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHf-HpPWS4g

I did finally get some books on proper animation & am really excited to keep pumping thru stuff. Thanks again for the back-and-forth and kind words!! I hope you’re holding up well in all the madness!