I probably should know this...

(Phrangkk) #1

But when will 2.25 be released to the general public?
after the 100.000 has been officially reached?
or later?

(stukkm) #2

blender 2.25 has been released already to the members. that is, the people who have made a donation to the blender foundation. they have reached the 100k mark, ie, people have said they’ll donate and the people collecting money are waiting for it to come in still. well, i’m not sure of the numbers because the blender3d site won’t load for me… still…

(LethalSideP) #3

Whenever the sources are released. The actual funds have already been raised - they’re just not all transferred into the bank account yet (and there are running costs too and stuff, but we’re pretty much there now, fund wise).

And the public release of 2.25 will be whenever the sources are freed. No one knows when it’ll be, to be honest, coz Ton hasn’t decided yet and the money hasn’t been paid yet.

Just make a donation to get it, for Pete’s sake!! It’s hardly expensive…

Hope this all helped.

(macke) #4

Who the fuck is Pete, and why would I do it for him?

(Jolly Gnome) #5

Who the **** is Pete, and why would I do it for him?[/quote]

IIRC, the “for Pete’s sake” is politically correct, americanized version of the popular “for Christ’s sake.” So basically, you could say that Pete is Christ.
But, I’d also like to know whose the “original” Pete, and what’s the story behind that… thing.

(Eric) #6

Who’s Christ?


(S68) #7

I’d bet is short for ‘Peter’ who was the vicar of Christ, and hence his right-hand-man and hence the most suitable to substitute Christ in the saying :stuck_out_tongue:


(CubeFan973) #8


Who’s Christ?


Go to church or read the Bible. There are some answers there!

Anyway, I think it will get… ummm… what was this topic about?

(IMProvisar) #9

And for Pete’s sake, why is it that everyone is supposed to fire a Will? What did he ever do that deserves a firing squad? :slight_smile:

And yes… Publisher 2.25 is available for download by members.

The sources…

  1. Top off the money meter, and flow over a bit for Paypal, banks, and other misc costs.
  2. Pay NaN, and get the sources from them.
  3. Provide the appropriate infrastructure for release.
  4. The 1-2 week members-only of step #5
  5. Click <downloading> :slight_smile:

You won’t see in a day or two the moneymeter at 100,001 paid, and a link to download the sources, but it’s not far off. It will likely be a couple months now (based on discussion of the member gala)? Ton is determined to make sure this happens right, rather than haphazardly… and doing a good job of it, it seems.

I saw a quote, either posted here, or in someone sig of a comment overheard in NASA, “Good, fast, cheap… Pick two!!”. I think this applies here… in the scheme of things, 100k euro is cheap, so you’ve got to choose between “Good” and “Fast”. I choose good. :slight_smile: