I Quit

This is a first pass on a scene I’m doing titled “I Quit”, which will eventually be written on the sticky note on the keyboard once I reach the texturing phase. Next step is to add massive amounts of clutter to the cubicle.


the scene needs to be messier
looks too clean


the scene needs to be messier
looks too clean
Original Quote:

Next step is to add massive amounts of clutter to the cubicle.
Read before you post, if you don’t want to be the target of snarky comments like this one.

I want to do that today (quit). Nice start.

This video gets interesting at about 1 minute:

more violence and mayhem

Love the image, reminds me of my “Hit any key” poster, but there’s maybe a bit of logic glitch going on – if that’s a flat screen monitor (as its shadow seems to indicate), the keyboard would likely be extending all the way through it.

the keyboard would likely be extending all the way through it.

Yes, I noticed that as well. Suspension of disbelief I suppose.

Or a CRT shadow.


Thanks for posting that vid, 3D! That made me lol.
I guess that’s one way of telling the printer “JUST PRINT WHAT IS ON THE SCREEN YOU LITTLE **********!!!”

JoshMaule: How bout some Star Wars dolls, plastic dinosaurs, and a few squeeshed drink cans?
(Interestingly I once read an article in “Wired” where they talked to a psychologist for a major software company on how they decided who would be promoted to team leadership. The psychologist said she would tour the floor where the employees worked and she looked at their workspaces. She made a note of who had immaculate, organized, anal-clean workspaces. And she noted who had workspaces that were complete disasters, posty notes all over the place, spaceship models from the ceiling, weird half-completed experiments hanging around, etc.
She said that when she had to recommend someone to be the creative leader of a team, she always promoted the hotmess.
When she had to promote someone to accounting, the anal folks were okay, though interchangeable…)

Well first of all, add a ceiling. The void is… unsettling.

Or maybe they are, in fact, working between dimensions and have means to smash a keyboard into a LCD screen.

The keyboard looks nice. Did you model the monitor from a reference? The frame around the screen looks very thick.

Here’s an update. I started some small texture work as well as played around with the composition of the scene. I know the screen looks goofy, it just rendered faster if I turned the transparency off.

The monitor is directly modeled after the crappy old crt monitor that is currently sitting in front of me.

Obviously there is still much to be done.


Haha, I really like this scene! Looks like it is coming along!

Awesome! I felt like that so many times with blender back in the 2.3 days hahaha!

aw man i love the video bro

looks real cool I like it.

and i love that video LOL!!!

Perhaps add a mouse and some stacks of documents? You need to have a reason for quitting of course, perhaps with the addition of some models you can tell a short story.

And it seems funny to me that after shoving a keyboard into a screen you’d carefully stick a note on it.

Like this render!

Very cool idea, where is the broken glass?

Another update on my progress. Working hard on modeling tons of random desk clutter. Still have quite a bit to go before it’s finished. Also working on some more texture work.


I think this new composition detracts from the focal point of the render, the keyboard in the screen. At the moment the lines of the walls and angle of the screen are drawing the eye to the wall corner there. I think it could do with a bit of a perspective shift, perhaps put the screen in the corner of the desk or better situate the screen so it is more central to the scene. You could even use the lines created by other models to direct the eye. Have a look for the rule of thirds on google, if nothing else it’s food for thought.

I do like the idea though, reminds me of office space.