I randomeshed an entire body

Hi blenderartists,

A couple of days ago I downloaded randomesh from https://mantissa.xyz/
Shout out to Midge Sinnaeve for this cool free addon! Check his work here https://www.instagram.com/mantissa.xyz/ and you will quickly realize why he created that addon :wink:

Using MB-Lab for Blender 2.8 (https://github.com/animate1978/MB-Lab) I created a body (female elf) and then removed most of the mesh just keeping the head intact. Then all there is to do is to hit the “destroy that mesh” button and wait… I had it set to 5 iterations and “Wireframe” enabled. After playing with lighting and materials a little (e.g. I changed the wireframe of the lips to be black so that the lips are more featured and visible) I wanted to do something with the eyes so I put glowing spheres inside. And to top it all off, I also added a rather detailled smoke simulation - emitting from the corners of the eyes - to give the entire image a really angry, devilish look. Here it is:

After spending a few hours on that (including rendering) I wanted to try a bit more crazy stuff. So I created another body using MB-Lab, used the built-in “fly01” pose and then randomized the entire body with 4 iterations. Here are 2 renders of that:

Having “Poking” switched on the shape of the body was heavily dented and messed up in some areas so I started over. This time using 5 iterations, no poking and no wireframes. This took several minutes to “randomesh”. I added a wireframe modifier and set the thickness to just .25mm since 5 iterations create crazy amounts of detail (and takes forever to compute BTW). A simple dark gray material for the body and a white one for the wireframes, a couple of lights and this was the result:

I rendered all of these images in 4k (3840x2160) but I think this would also work at 8k since the amount of detail in some of the areas is crazy high at 5 iterations. (BTW images uploaded here are only 2k)

Quick side note: On the first image with the smoke sim I also used the D-NOISE addon (see https://remingtongraphics.net/tools/d-noise/) and the results of AI-Denoising are simply amazing. I was especially surprised with D-NOISE and the smoke! See comparison below.

Note: The other images were rendered at 1024 and 2048 samples. Denoising removes some of the super fine details of the wireframes in the high-res images so NO denoising was used here.

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nice work!!!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Very cool THX!

  Would be awesome if you could also post my PART 2 of the

“Watercolor Effect + Ink Outlines” since people aks when it will
be out … but it has been out for a few days now :))


Cheers, ChrisP

Someone asked about EEVEE on my YouTube channel when I posted the “Elf From Hell” image there (see https://www.youtube.com/user/chrisprenn/community).

So here is an EEVEE render!
Of course I had to change the materials, lights and volumetrics a bit and turn up the samples to make the smoke look good: 100 Samples, Volumetrics: 2px tiles 200 samples 0,99 distribution.
2k image rendered in 1 min 9 sec on GTX-1080ti

I think the smoke looks so much better in Cycles (see original post above)
BUT when reducing the samples and volumetrics tiles a bit it is actually fun to render animations (at about 15sec per frame):

Notice the edges of the “adaptive smoke domain”? I wonder if this is a bug in B2.8…

I also rendered this image at 96 megapixels (12000 x 8000) in Cycles with 2048 samples

Want to see the crazy amount of detail and have a cool picture on your wall?
Get a high quality print here: https://society6.com/crazychris/s?q=popular+canvas

Very interesting work Chris! Love this topology :smiley:

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