I re-registered with the same login name

Greetings. I am back. It looks like my account was deleted so I re-registered with the same login name. My old password was rejected as too short so I used a diffrent one this time.

Welcome back! This is still your old account, and it has all your old info in it :slight_smile:

Did you have a question, since you posted in #support:blender-artists-website-support ?

I do not have question, I just wanted to state a strange event.

It looks to me that you requested a new password and regained access to your old account?

I assume discourse just mapped the same account name and e-mail adress to a password change event… so nothing strange… i also assume there was an email with approve/confime link.

Dozens of users forget there password… that’s the reason why there is a special procedure and button for this… (sometimes bigger as the login button :crazy_face: )
I bet you can’t re-register with any already used username and any e-mail adress which doesn’t match the (existing) original account…

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That makes a lot of sense yes :+1: