I really don't understend how they do that.

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so? how do you think they did it?

The colour at the start gives x co-ordinate of a matrix, the house gives y.

The rest is window dressing. %| %|

(in english)
None of the numbers of each colour are in the same house, that uniquely identifies your number.

V. simple


got it… I was distracted by allthose stupid doors and crystal balls :slight_smile:

That’s not hard to figure out actually.

There are only two stages in that trick that actually do anything. Choosing the colour and shoosing a house. All the other stages are merely there to confuse you.

Let’s start with the red house, it has the numbers 17, 25, 14, 28 and 8. If you look at the first page, you’ll see that only one of those numbers is infact in the red group, which is 20.

That’s really the best way I can explain it without confusing myself, but I imagine it’s enough to explain the basics of it to you.

Edit: yes, that took so long to explain that I never saw the previous two posts. I couldn’t find a good way to explain it. :frowning: