*I REALLY NEED HELP!* tree from curves *I REALLY NEED HELP!*

okay I didn’t know where to put this but iguess this will do…

okay! so! I don’t have the tree from curves script! and I have no clue why! and I really need it! so could some one tell me why I don’t have it and how I can get it??? thanks!


well I know that but I NEED the script! it’s not in my script librarie and he said it should be

download the lastest Blender release and it is in Scripts>>Wizard>>Tree from curves

I have the latest blender release! and I’ve looked there it’s just not there! and I need it really bad!

hang on ill send it ya.
how do i do it?

ummm… could you upload it to like media fire then send me the link?

im ok uploading its just how do i get the script out?

go to C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender\scripts I would amagine

i can’t my scripts are imbedded

ok, i had to download the .zip version.
here it is. good luck!:rolleyes:

if not there then here:

hey thanks! you’ve really been life saver!

ARG! it’s not working! when I try to use it it says ‘python script error: check console’

what’s going on?!?! it’s really bugging me! I have the lattest python and blender! I don’t get it!

update your python.

I think I did…

how do you update it?

NEVER MIND I GOT IT! thanks for the help!

HEY! This seems a little tooo on topic for my tastes…

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<3 :slight_smile: