I really need help

I’m a complete noob to blender. The only things i know how to do is extrude, delete faces, and subdivide. How do you make those cool shadows and colors? i saw somebody made a trupet, how did the model it? when i extrude something, its just a square or something… what about textures? i don’t know how to add those, or even color an object. I hardly understand any tutorials.

This is all i can make:




We all started that way. Then we discovered User Manuals and Classroom tutorials:


other than reading the docs and tutorials, the best approach is to learn things one at a time, because there is so much to cover. also it’s a good idea to keep notes. make a new folder and keep notes on things that you don’t understand, and when you learn the solution, make a new text document with the answer so if you forget later you can refer back to it. also, every time you run across a useful piece of information that is something new for you, make a note. lots and lots of notes, and also keep a copy of the hotkeys handy.

In the first one, the first part, do they actually use it as teaching material in college? way to dam easy. already knew all that. Thanks for the link, the other parts are useful.

always keep checking the Elysuin forums and other peoples questions. they can be more help than you could possibly imagine.
also, click this. http://www.ingiebee.com/Blendermania/tutorial_list.htm

damn why didn’t that work

because he left half of the url tag off :stuck_out_tongue:

The first tutorial doesnt work anymore… i should haev saved them…

Was it these?

Yes thanks.