i realy need help on this 1

hi i have a problem
i make a game but
i have my monster that i want it to stop
when my player is near my monster
i have for my monster the logicbricks like so
for the monster is it so
sensor always pulse true controller (and)
then for the armature action option play
and the action calls walk1
start 6 ends by 18 then the ipo by the armature
option play start at 1 ends by 260
this works fine when im play the game it plays the walk
and move forward with the ipo
but now the tricky part
i want it to stop the ipo and the action
when my player is near the monster so ive try this
for the monster the sensor Near inv on nothing in the property
dist 10.00 reset 11.00 then for the monter the controller (and)
and for the armature of the monster i have this
action option loop stop action calls walk1
start at 1 ends at 1 that where he stands normal
then the ipo option loop stop start at 0 ends at 0
another thing i have blender 246.17 but when i press the forc button
the blender program shuts down with a error
now when i have this and i walk with my player near the monster
the moster shoots away but i want it to stay at the same spot
where i come near and i want it to stop the ipo and the action
but how do i do that this dosent work well but mayby i set
something wrong
and when im out of the near i want it to play the ipo and action
from where he was when he stopt
please help me

OMG! It is so much work in itself just trying to suss out the whole logic situation with your thesus. lol… post a blend or an image of the logic brick window!:slight_smile:

how do i put a image on the internet for a url??? then il do that

When posting, click on advanced, then click on the parerclip to manage attachements, and this website is the best uploading website I know. when its finished uploading, just copy + paste into your post! :slight_smile:

this is it

Ahhh… with your near sensor, you’ve got nothing in the space, which means “not near anything,” you want “not near player.” So give the player a “PLAYER” property, and type “PLAYER” into the space in the near sensor.

Also, with the always sensor, this totally eliminates the near sensor doing anything!!! You want another near sensor replacing this, without the INV button selected.

what property do i need on the player object float bool string int
i dont no
and if im replace the always sensor then it dont want to walk
i try a few times ive try pulse on then it dindt work no pulse olso mayby its
because i set the property not right
so do i need to put the object name of the player or do i need a float or something
thx anyway for try to help me

it doesnt really matter what property you use in this case, just use the default one

and for your new near sensor, it wont work untill you fill in the property

Post the blend and ill fix it up for ya?

thats my quetion do i have to fil in the property my object name or do i need to create a propertylike float or int or bool or something

you can name your property anything and make it any type, just make sure you put its name in the sensor, but you should probly give it to maSSter, he knows what hes doin and you dont seem very able to try stuff out to figure it out yourself