I redesigned my website!



The four blue links under the introductory chapter are hard to see and easy to miss. Try using black. Other than that, look good. I’ll have to check out all your compositing stuff at some point.

Yeay!! :smiley: But where was the clip of you reaching for the blenderbook?

Great job on the layout, and there was even things on there I hadn’t seen yet. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m happy.


Nice redesign of the site, now I just gotta watch all those cool movies I havn’t before. :smiley:
Damn, that Random Gibberish Generator is so much fun, will save me time for righting my papers for class also :wink:

WeirdHat is officially my Harry Potter Hero.

You’re weird. :wink:

Nice site.

Hey weird it looks good…

The stuff on the site looks good and stuff!

I agree with the stuff that cree said about the blue links and stuff, and you sure like to use the word “stuff” a lot! :slight_smile: :wink:

Everybody has been saying that but it looks fine to me.

I left it out because non Blender users might not understand it.

Shut up.

I like stuff…


I agree with you about the links…they seem fine to me. The only place they’re “hard” to see is on the darker blue, but even then i can make it out easily enough.

I wanna see the blenderbook thing…would you post it?


Shut up.[/quote]

My, my, someone’s having their period today.

Thanks for posting that WH, the arm thing is awesome. You actually remind me a whole lot of my cousin, who was the only friend I had for a very long time. So no…now you don’t look like HP, you look like my cousin.

Why must weirdhat look like anyone but himself? Being an individual as he is, I would contest that he looks like Jacob Kafka, and no one else. :smiley:

About the “blue links and stuff”, don’t listen to anybody… :stuck_out_tongue:

Do what your heart says… :smiley:

I like the site…

Keep on doing cool stuff…


P.S.: AROtotheN: Who’s Jacob Kafka??? Just curious…

Jacob Kafka is Mr Hat himself.


That’s Weird’s name. I think he does look like Potter though.
BTW, Tim, I’m sorry, but, wtf is with “Do what your heart says” on a website? :wink:

Hey!!! I didn’t know that!!! Thanks!!! :smiley:

I’ll give you an example… I’m stuck with my web site designing, for several months now, trying to figure out what would others like better…

The result is that so far, I have nothing!!! And I’m really sick and tired of it…

I think for once in my life, I’ll just listen to my own advice and do with my web page, what I like…

That’s what I also suggest, to Mr. Hat… Follow his own instinct…

The blue color for the links, is excellent… :wink:

My pal Timonides, I’m afraid that going your own way works for homepages, but if you’re trying to make it userfriendly, you must ask the user.

Well, in order to solve this, we must give an answer to the philosophical question (:P):

Who’s the one that makes “fashion”???

The “fashion” designer or the “consumers”???

I say it’s both…

Some times the designer must audit really carefully, what the “audience” he’s addressing to, wants or needs to see… In some other cases the designer, is the one that provokes the “market’s” tendencies… Or better say, influence the consumer’s decision…:wink:

In any case I think, that whenever the “user” can’t help you decide, what’s “userfriendly”, you should always trust your instinct…

One thing is for sure… If something sucks, it will suck, no matter who made the decision and that’s universal:stuck_out_tongue: