I rendered, now what?

Ok, so I rendered my animation. 320 frames - took about 4 days to render. now how do I export the .mov file? In my format window, I set it to quicktime using the HDV1080 60i codec since the project i’m inserting my animation into was shot in HDV. But after the render took place, I guess i expected to see some sort of “save render as…” dialogue box where i could enter the name of my animation and select it’s destination on my HD. But that didn’t happen and I can’t find the .mov file anywhere on my hard drive either. So it seems to me that rendering isn’t the final step in getting an actual video clip out of blender?? Thanks in advance for any help.

For future, before you render an animation you set the location by clicking the shown button, navigating to where you want the file, and naming it if you wish. Don’t fret, your animation is probably somewhere in the C: mp folder.:slight_smile: Images are different in that you render them first and then choose ‘Save Image’ from the file menu.


hey thanks for the advice. so in the output box I clicked on the folder next to /tmp/ and the window that appeared shows my project i assume because it’s file name is 0001_0320.mov, but (i’m on a mac using OS 10.4.8) i did a search with finder and it isn’t showing up anywhere. So how do I access the file? Also what do you mean “shown” button? where is that?

If you view the screenshot that he attached, he drew a red arrow next to the field that is currently set to “/tmp/”, which is the button you press to change the destination where your renders go to (the button that you pressed).

The idea is that whatever path is entered in there is where your .MOV file will appear after it’s been rendered. The default is “/tmp/”, and you usually change it to point to some other location before you render.

So, your file is probably in the /tmp/ folder, with some filename that ends in .MOV. I’m not familiar with MacOS, but possibly a file find operation doesn’t look in /tmp because you’re not really supposed to store anything in there long term.

I’d suggest opening up a directory browser or what have you and checking for .MOV files in the /tmp/ folder, it’s probably there. I think the file should have the same name as the name of your .blend file, but with the .mov extension.

I have a mac too. Finder hides the /tmp/ directory, but it’s still there.

I’m on a windows machine right now, and going off of memory, but I think this is what you do:

Open Termininal and type “cd /tmp” then hit enter. Then type “ls” enter and it will display a directory listing, you should see your movie listed there.

Assuming that your movie is named “0001_0320.mov” you can type “cp 0001_0320.mov ~” to move it to your home directory.

I hope this helps.

Another way around this is to create a symbolic link.

Go into Terminal and type “ln -s /tmp ~/tmp” then enter. Now you should be able to open finder, and will see the tmp directory under your home directory. Your movie will be in there. This is probably easier, and you will be able to get to any other movies that you render to the /tmp directory.