I.S.N. Tribute

Done mostly with Mypaint, with help from Gimp and colour correction by Blender.
Work made in approximately 6 Hours. Click Image for HD
Comments always very appreciated.

Looks very nice :slight_smile: Very, very nice.

Thanks Sirgazil! So many “very” in the same post makes me very happy :slight_smile:

Great colours and composition.

Thanks ben! :slight_smile:

agreed with Ben

The use of colour is simply remarkable . . . although I think the sky texture is quite similar to a default GIMP plugin… . . and not really telling a story through it fractual-like appearance.

Thanks kbot! :slight_smile: I get allot of sky’s like that in my home place, take it as a documentary sky :slight_smile:
It was hand painted, but knowing that I achieved the similar to a plug-in milestone makes me happy :stuck_out_tongue: