I saw King Kong last night!!

Hey all,

Just thought I would gloat and tell everyone that I watched King Kong in the theaters last night(before it came out!). And I have got to tell ya, loved it. I mean the special effects were great and how do they create such realistic looking creatures. But the screenwork was also really really good. Ok, done gloating.

Bastard! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well ok then. I’m so excited for you. goes back to bed

Same what BgDm said.

How did you see it early? You own a movie theatre or something?

Quite frankly, I’m still trying to figure out what all the fuss is about.

Two words:
Naomi and Watts.

Watts?.. I mean What? I thought it was cause Jack Black plays a role where he has to act like someone that he is’nt. He usually plays some drugged up loser without a job. In this movie he plays a crazy evil producer dude. Also I’ve heard this is supposed to be the greatest movie of all time.
Naomi is hot though.

The first time I saw the trailer I thought, “What the crap? Jack Black in a serious role? And it’s a big movie?”

And then I was confused.

hey Eric Bana (The Hulk, Black Hawk Down) is from Australia, before he was in these big serious rolls he was a hugely hillarious Aussie comedian, all he did was comedy, and its just as hard to do as any other role. But a lot of comedians are great actors in serious rolls too, if you saw some of Bana’s old shows in Aus you would be like o_O cause we all did it when we saw him in Black Hawk Down, and now he just does more serious stuff, some actors can like a change after 10-20 years of comedy.

I can imagine Jack Black to be an awesome serious actor. And yeah can’t wait to see the movie, have full faith in Pete Jackson It’s going to be rally enjoyable =D

king kong is going to freaking rock!!!

it hits theaters here tomorrow, iam proably going to see it this weekend.

then iam going to see it every weekend once it hits the dollar theater up the street. (which i’m so glad they still have around scine i hear theater tickets are going up to 12.50, its bad enough the fucking commercials and trailers run for 30min…bastards…thank god for the dollar theater for cheap people like me!).

I don’t know why people get so worked up about seeing movies first. I actually sometimes prefer to wait because a lot of the time there are a few good movies come out at once and then a whole load of rubbish ones between so I like to pad them out a bit.

I also don’t really like cinema releases. I disagree when people say that some movies you only really get the experience by seeing it on the big screen. I have always found cinema colours washed out and the sound too loud and the picture is so big that I miss when some things are happening.

What I don’t like is how they practically force people to go to the cinema or download a torrent (;)) instead of just releasing movies straight onto DVD.

King Kong is one movie I’d really like to see but I can wait.

I also don’t really like cinema releases. I disagree when people say that some movies you only really get the experience by seeing it on the big screen. I have always found cinema colours washed out and the sound too loud and the picture is so big that I miss when some things are happening.

And that is why God invented big screen TV’s and surround sound. two things my roommte has :smiley:
I really like seeing movies in the thearter, it’s pretty nice and only costs me about $7.

A friend of mine came across some free tickets to a promo showing at a Century theater. I don’t know about the greatest movie of all time but it sure ranks up there. And oh yea, Jack Black is great!! I think he pulled it off with flying colors. My one complaint, not really a complaint, was that the people living on skull island were incredibly similar to the goblins and orcs in LOTR. I guess that is because Jackson made them so creapy. And I have to disagree about not seeing this on a big screen. It’s King Kong for crying out loud! Let me know what you thought about it when you see it 8).

I just played the game and I’ve got a real partypooper for ya!
Kong dies!



can i gloat and say i know lots of people who worked on it :stuck_out_tongue:

infact my friend signed a confidentiality agreement with them, and did some work on wardrobe, can’t tell me anything about it of course.


You sure the heck can Alltaken. That is awesome!

hey alltaken, so do i.

have done some work at weta - cant say what though.

I actually have wondered in the past why you dont work at weta digital, being as you are on their doorstep and they hire 3d gurus.

man you’re lazy :smiley:

Sweeping floors is nothing to be ashamed of.

What’s with all the secrecy? It’s not like we don’t know what happens in the production pipeline of a movie.

OK if it’s some new project we’re not supposed to know about but what’s wrong with saying that you know a 3D artist or compositor who works at WETA and they use Shake or Maya?

How does Alltaken’s ass feel against your lips?

Wait, does that sound a bit gay me asking that?

I just came back from watching King Kong.

I must say I enjoyed most of its 3h.

The effects [in general] scores a big 12/10

Althought, it might just be because I was waiting for too much, some sequence just didn’t do it for me. Like the scene with the airplane at the end. In some of the first sequence where we see the plans moving toward Kong for their first attack…the plane move in some really weird way (up and down) and the tracking is just bad with the sky and city in the background. It last only 1 or 2 seconds. But I had the impression it was some miniature being hold by wires in front of a background a la old King Kong Movie style.

Also, I felt some sequence to be kind of…too impossible to be acceptable. Ok I know we’re floating in a fantasy land with a huge ape, some dinosaur and a mysterious island…but the sequence where Anne is rescued from the hands of Kong with those big bats…hmm I felt the way they escaped was…SO CHEESY…and when Kong holds anne in her hand and runs in the forest…c’mon…her arms/legs and head would have been ripped off the body in a matter of second…

BUT KONG…o m f g…the furs…the modelling…the textures…the facial expression…the animation…flawless! absolutly flawless. best cg character I ever seen (even tho the lion of chronicles of narnia was super realistic…he didn’t have the same quality of expression and details).

all in all, it was a good movie imo, but with some small sequence that didn’t do it for me.