I saw someone stealing right on the front of me

Today I was with a friend in a CD shop I was going down the stairs to the exit and there was a guy right next to the exit. There was a security gate that makes noise when something that has not been bought goes threw and there was a small gap next to it. The guy to a CD a threw discreetly it out side by the gap but the gate still made noise.
When he did that my friend said “Dumbass” because he thought that it wasn’t on purpose and neither did I actually.
so the men went outside and grabbed the CD slowly but the selling lady (however you call it) could see him threw the glass wall but the selling lady didn’t know what was happening the guy saw that she could see him so he got scared and ran away. When the selling lady realized he was stealing she ran after him but no success. All that happened about 2 meters away from me.

It is real i did’t made it up.

Thats really old school. Steal directly from the music store. Thats what I call balls. Not the wussy way to steal from p2p.

lol true dat… god that was a lame sentance… oh well, i typed it, i refuse to hit backspace!

Tsk tsk I say, stealing that CD! Criminal!

What’s this big folder here eating up 15 gigs of space on my computer . . . uh, nevermind that.

Thief! Crook! Hooligan!

Something like that has happened also to me when I was 11.However I told nothing to nobody except from my parents

well now you did

Psshhh… I once stole an entire quarry in front of thousaunds of workers. I keep it in my garage. It comes in handy when you need a quick chunk of granite.

I work in a grocery and saw peopes thiefing and running more than once.
His jack full of razor, or meat, or a bottle of wine, or beer. Saw A team of 2 guy trying to steal a box of wine(30 litters) and a boxe of 24 beers! just under our eyes They just tried to pass by the enter through the automatic door and it slowed them down.

There is now security guard in grocery nowaday, walking all day long in normal cloathing, having an eye on you :wink: At least Loblaw & cie.

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