I screwed something up.. can't figure out how to fix it..


Hey… I messed something up with my camera and my 3d viewport controls and I don’t know what I did…

Problem 1: When I press NUM0 to look through the camera, I just see one dotted rectangle and everything is solid gray… nothing is showing up through the camera. Below is a screenshot:

Problem 2: All the sudden, my 3D viewport controls are out of whack. Instead of moving the screen around and rotating/tilting it, now when I try to move my view around, it’s like the view is just rotating around one single point. When I try to zoom with the mousewheel or pan the view… it moves so very slightly, you can hardly tell the view is even changing at all…

Any idea what I did… and how to fix it?

Thanks a lot,

Find your real camera, select it with RMB and hit Ctrl-Numpad-0.


Ahh, thanks a lot… that fixed my camera. Any idea about my viewport?

When I Shift+MMB to pan, it BARELY moves… you can hardly tell the view is changing at all. Same thing with zooming with mousewheel, but I don’t even know if that’s zooming at all anymore. And it’s rotating with MMB strangely…

It happens only in Perspective mode. Toggle to Ortho with Numpad-5.


Thanks once again… I just figured that out about 2 seconds ago by comparing all the settings to a new file. How frusterating. :slight_smile: